In this programme for Key Stage 2, children will
learn what animals need to be safe and happy
throughout their lives.

Before you begin, talk through the 5 Welfare Needs with your class or group. Then download the KS2 Activity Plans below – these consist of notes to guide you, and worksheets you can hand out. Children can take the 5 Welfare Needs quiz in two teams, or individually. There is also a certificate to give out on completion, and a poster and pocket guides to help pupils remember the 5 Welfare Needs. Have fun!

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Activity Plans

A Dog's Needs

Help children understand the 5 Welfare Needs of dogs with a reading comprehension exercise about a pet collie.

A dogs needs - Notes A dogs needs - Worksheets A dogs needs - Answers
Hedgehog Friends

Visit a park or other outdoor space so children can assess how hedgehog-friendly it is.

Hedgehog friends - Notes Hedgehog friends - Worksheets
Leopard Gecko Homes

At your local Pets at Home store, learn about how the 5 Welfare Needs apply to leopard geckos and other reptiles.

Leopard Gecko
Leopard Gecko Homes - Notes Leopard Gecko Homes - Worksheets
Pet Budget

Using web research, ask children to calculate the weekly cost of caring for two pet rabbits.

Pet budget - Notes Pet budget - Worksheets Pet budget - Answers
Hamster Care

Teach children how to look after a hamster with a visual exercise and a creative writing task.

Hamster care - Notes Hamster care - Worksheets Hamster care - Answers

Activity Plans